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Ocean sciences meeting
27 February-5 march 2022  
hawai‘i | virtual | usa

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View the presentation given during the Town Hall event
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Virtual Townhall 25 February 2022 

Aligned with the mission of OSM 22, this Town Hall will create a strong pilina with diverse constituencies to discuss the possibilities and advantages of artists and scientists co-developing projects from initiation to strengthen and socialize sustainability narratives. We will introduce the Catching a Wave Art/Science collaborative project. Art, in its many and varied forms, has the liberty and ability to generate shifts in social perceptions and behaviours in ways that science and data alone do not, providing a complementary pathway for engagement and outreach. There is also an understanding that develops from living in an environment, an equally valuable body of knowledge. Initially conceived to create an artefact embodying an exact moment in time, we focused on the capture and rendering of 3D-models of ocean waves in glass through photogrammetric/high-speed imaging processes. These waves ask viewers to bear witness to the cultural and physical shifts caused by accelerated climate change. We believe that a big change can start with a small moment of realisation. Our goal is to spark a positive change in viewers’ behaviours resulting in conscious and respectful action toward the environment. We will invite attendees to participate in the project and challenge their perceptions of the purpose of science communication through questions such as: How does your science contribute to the social justice for oceans? and Why should your perspective of the ocean be heard by others? Following the Town Hall, participants will be invited to share their voices and ideas related to their experiences with the ocean including their feeling of connection with the ocean, culturally, personally, scientifically, sea level rise’s impact on communities, climate change. These unique narratives, with permission of the participants, will be integrated into the CaW glass installation and build ongoing transdisciplinary relationships and dialogue opportunities.



Catching a Wave Virtual Installation OSM AGU 2022

Catching a Wave Virtual Installation OSM AGU 2022

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‘Waves Exist in Community’ provides a virtual insight into an interactive installation about Earth’s Ocean. Its function is to create a visceral connection with the ocean while communicating scientific research and environmental issues in an innovative and memorable way. Waves imprints the importance of ocean health and social change, while emphasizing how the ocean connects all living things. The installation consists of illuminated cast-glass waves, replicated from photogrammetrically captured and 3D printed ocean waves, each individually mounted on top of a pedestal. Each pedestal plays a different audio file of either ocean sounds or voices including scientists speaking about marine research and communities telling personal stories about the ocean.

Waves seeks to inspire audiences to reflect upon how individual and collective agency can contribute to climate action and ocean sustainability. It acts as a multi-sensory catalyst to shift individual and collective mind-sets towards action for more sustainable oceans and coasts and the resilience of people who live, work, and interact within these spaces.

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ABOUT THE CONFERENCE: Pilina means connection, relationship, and association and is an important value in Hawaiian culture that encourages inclusivity and collaborations to achieve results that cannot be accomplished with one person alone. The 2022 OSM focuses on the importance of strong pilina for the ocean science community. By coming together, we can forge a path toward a sustainable future.

This year’s theme emphasizes the importance of working together. “Come Together and Connect,” focuses on strengthening the ocean sciences community through discussing both basic and applied research while making scientific and social connections. 

More details and how to register can be found here.


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More information and to find out how to join the UN Ocean Decade can be found here 

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