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Environmental Art Workshop | Sculpture Design

this workshop is part of Art Fest Online | a week long online arts event

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Saturday, May 16 at 11:00 AM CDT

Lisa Beth Robinson & Kristin Thielking


Environmental Art is a growing field in the visual arts and is a great way to connect with our natural world while also being creative and having fun outside!Participants will be making several environmental works of art by utilizing natural elements near their homes while also learning about the growing field of environmental art. Then, there will be a second group conversation with the teachers and all available participants at the end of the festival. No experience necessary and all ages welcome!

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work produced by the

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About Art Fest Online

Art Fest Online is a unique arts-focused event to support art during this challenging season by providing a platform and income for artists as well as giving others the chance to participate in and create art for themselves. It will happen at from May 15-24th and will feature a variety of virtual classes and performances from professional artists as well as art activities and contests for anyone to participate in.

The festival begins online, but the goal is to give you the opportunity to bring art into the physical world, to get your hands dirty with a new art form, and to provide artistic experiences that encourage you to celebrate life through the arts. 

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