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Art, in its many and varied forms, has the liberty and ability to generate shifts in social perceptions and behaviours in ways that science and data alone currently do not, providing a complementary pathway for engagement.

Art offers a way of creating a platform that allows different perspectives and different conversations to take place in order to negotiate or bargain which pathway or which approach society may want to adopt in that journey.

Art is a means for stakeholders and knowledge providers, whatever their discipline, to discover their own meaning and new ways to convey their understanding to others, and provide a neutral platform to juxtapose potentially conflicting and

contradictory perspectives.

Initially conceived to create an artefact that would embody an exact moment in time, CaW focused on “capturing” waves to be the focal points in sculptural installations designed to communicate, in a novel way, information about climate change, sea level rise, ocean health and to publicise ocean related research. These glass artefacts were to visually communicate the complexity of what is happening in a single wave in a single moment, and make a connection for the viewer to the intricacy of what was happening, on the surface and internally, in that wave.


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