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Rising to the Challenge of Reconnection


Ocean health is irrefutably linked to planetary health and human well-being. Coastal communities, especially from low-lying islands, continually adapt to risks from sea level rise (SLR). As direct and indirect users of the Earth’s Ocean and seas, we must make significant behavioural changes that reduce risks for industry, commerce, food security, and livelihoods. Changes are needed not only by coastal communities but from the whole of society to inspire an ocean connection irrespective of geographic location, values, traditions or beliefs. Both art and science can have pivotal roles in reconnecting people with ocean and coastal sustainability. Art can convey the complexities of ocean and climate science, engaging people on emotional levels to influence choices, attitudes and behaviours; something scientific facts alone don’t achieve. Our collaboration of researchers and artists addresses SLR and its impacts with an interactive, immersive installation of glass wave sculptures aptly named “Rising”. Read on...

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ECO Magazine Rising Seas Special Issue

This article is part of a Rising Seas special edition by the ECO (Environment Coastal & Offshore) Magazine on Ocean Science | Exploration | Innovation and this Rising Seas special Issue is published in partnership with NOAA and The Ocean Foundation.

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