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The Planetary Wave Project | a virtual installation connecting all wavelets & the people who have them 

The Planetary Wave project was initiated at the workshop we held in Dublin in 2019 and continued at the last (in person) workshop we held in San Diego 2020 whereby the participant received a 'wavelet' which is cut from a larger glass wave. We've asked everyone who received a wavelet either through the workshops or in other ways we connected to take a picture of themselves with the wave so we can include them in this piece. The larger glass waves, from which 9-15 'wavelets' are cut,  are an exact replica of a wave of water, captured in real time using photogrammetric and highspeed imaging processes.


The nature of this virtual installation is to visualise the connection we all have in different ways with the ocean. By bringing all the 'wavelets' together in this grid we are re-creating the larger wave these small 'wavelets' were cut from as well as connecting all the people who are part of this collection. Click on any of the grid picture to find out the name of the person, their location & links if applicable.


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