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Workshop and installation 
Catching a Wave
at Art in the Anthropocene conference | Dublin | 7-9 June 2019


WORKSHOP | Thresholds: Art, Social Impacts, and Reinvention | Driven by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Decade of the Ocean and Global Grand Challenges how can art increase awareness, contribute and stimulate people’s consciousness, and work towards shifting mindsets? This was explored during two back to back interactive, immersive marine workshops into the depths of science and art during the Art in the Anthopocene conference.


Catching a Wave at the Art in the Anthropocene 

As part of the Art in the Anthropocene conference held in Dublin 7-9 June, we held two interactive workshops to further explore how the integration of art and science can stimulate people’s consciousness around the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and work towards shifting mindsets and social behaviours. These sessions were a follow up from last years’ workshop at the Society and Sea Conference in Greenwich.
Using the 5 P's (from the 2030 Agenda: People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity and Partnerships) as a thread running through the workshops to explore how and if art can be a catalyst for change. Explaining our collaborative approach by integrating marine science with art and technology to facilitate conversations and voicing coastal people and communities in light of climate and environmental change. One of the things we are trying to be is a platform for un or less heard voices. We have experimented with not only visual art but also integrating sounds within the installation and the workshops were a means to further explore which voices could and should be involved. The workshops became very active discussion fora and this was particularly well captured in a graphic recording visually articulating how the discussions and conversations were formed. 

The workshop and exhibit space in the Science Gallery in Dublin city centre formed a very stimulating and through provoking location. We shared the space with a number of other film exhibits linked to coastal communities and marine and coastal sustainability and conservation.

A Lunar Cycle by Easky Britton
Fusing cold water surfing, dance and poetry


What lies beneath: probing the cultural depths of a nature conservation conflict in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland by Ruth Brennan

Exploring the local socio-cultural and historical context of the small island community of Barra and their connection to the sea and what ‘conservation’ means to them.


Water Senses by Ruth Le Gear
Water seems ordinary. It is everywhere, in our bodies, in the lakes, rivers and the sea, and falling from the sky…exploring water memory and waters’ potential taking you on a journey through the Arctic with its glaciers and icebergs and one of Ireland’s oldest glacial lakes Glenade Lough in North Leitrim.

The participants came from very diverse backgrounds and geographical locations which made for a good division of all the different angels you can approach these grand global challenges. We hope the participants got something out of the workshop as we certainly came away with new approaches and ideas of how to further our collaboration and execution of the future iterations and installations of Catching A Wave. Watch this wave...

During the conference another session took place in the same space on Art & Science in Orphan Spaces convened by Mrill Ingram which included three presentations on:The politics of orphan space; Beyond Technology: integrating arts and water engineering in graduate education and A Felicitous Neo Past.


Catching a Wave by the Catching A Wave Collective:

The workshop space at the same time also was used to exhibit the second edition of the Catching A wave installation.  This international, multi-disciplinary, collaborative project uses research in photogrammetry, three-dimensional printing, glass fusing and casting, sound recordings, and sculpture to create an interactive sculptural installation which immerses the viewer in a sensory experience illuminating the connections between humans and the ocean. The piece is in informed by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): #13, Climate Action, and #14, Life Below Water.


The workshop participants sat amongst the installation and the contents and conversations in the workshop were being graphically recorded 


Graphic recording during the workshop was provided by Eimear McNally - find out more about her work here

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