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The available science on coastal and ocean systems show they are under ever increasing pressure from direct pollution and eutrophication, climate change, and fishing and aquaculture. Underpinned by globally accepted scientific research such as the recently published IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate.

The increasingly complex challenges confronting sustainable development, currently framed by the 2030 Agenda (United Nations, 2015), has led to academics of all disciplines (sciences, arts and humanities) advocating transdisciplinarity as a framework for the co-production of knowledge to achieve the transformative changes required to transition societies from unsustainable pathways to more sustainable ones.

Catching a Wave (CaW), an iterative sea-level rise multi-media installation, has brought together a research consortium from six universities based in the USA, UK and Ireland. CaW was deliberately conceptualised to act as a catalyst for constructing a transdisciplinary approach for shifting individual and collective mind-sets towards action for more sustainable oceans and coasts and the people who live, work and interact within these spaces.

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