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GirlCon HYBRID |15-18 JUNE 2022 

After our first GirlCon in 2020 we were invited to partake again in the GirlCON Hybrid version of 2022. 15-17 June were digital and an in person GirlCon took place on June 18th.  Our slot this year was part of the TECH & SUSTAINABILITY session. 

On the GirlCon website you can see an overview of all the session and key notes as part of the Digital Conference.
On the GirlCon homepage you can read all abut this year's event. 


Ally Geren, one of the GirlCon CORE Team organisers welcomed us and opened our session. 

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Mrill Ingram presented on some of the other art/environment collaborations as well as a mention of her recently published book Loving Orphaned Space - read more on that here.

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Here below a few examples of the slides used during our session - by clicking on the first slide you can see the entire presentation as well as by clicking here.

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We presented in the TECH + SUSTAINABILITY breakout session on Thursday the 16th. In a rapid 30 minutes we covered the CaW project, people and technology that is involved in not only making the glass waves but also the communication value of the project towards coastal sustainability. We highlighted a number of other artists and initiatives who use Art and Environment in creative ways by integrating the two like the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) that helps design renewable energy infrastructures that are also beautiful places for people.The CaW project is at its core about coastal sustainability and ocean health addressing critical boundaries and human vulnerabilities like sea level rise as a consequence of climate change using scientific knowledge to underpin this. We explained the context of our project, not just from an environmental and ocean health perspective but also peoples’ well-being and how and why the Catching A Wave project is more than an environmental expression emphasising the need for human equality and social justice. The theme of this year's GirlCon was GrowtoGlow and the day started with key note by celebrated voiceover artist and storyteller Joy Ofodu who is deeply passionate about empowering underrepresented people in entertainment and technology. A theme close to the CaW-er hearts as well in that we too are trying to utilise the project and artistic expressions to provide a platform and voice to less heard and/or under-represented voices.

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